An open letter to rain.

Dear Rain,
Just like so many other people in my life, you have no idea about your significance in my life. For you, I am just an other guy, but for me you are more than just that, you are more than just an occasional visitor, more than just, the once best friend who now, calls you only on your birthday.But you are not special because I love you, not  because I hate you either, but instead because I can not decide my stance.

You are absent in my life but for a few weeks every year, even then, the aura you spread around lasts through the year.
Why ? Just why did you have to creep into my mind like this? I know you are the harbinger of good news to the hundreds of thousands of farmers around the world and to the billions of people indirectly, but for me when you appear, my smile disappears.

How can I like something dark, gloomy and melancholic while your friend, the Sun brings with him, brightness, light, energy and tonnes of opportunities( albeit with a bit of sweat). It’s not the floods or the landslides or the other calamities that are a direct result of you staying for a couple of extra weeks that affects me, but it’s the fact that when you appear outside, I lose myself in thoughts(often not nice ones), I am held captive indoor, and suddenly even peppy happy songs seem to lose their jive. My brain ceases to believe that it is okay for me to live on when you dance around, with all the splitter splatter on the streets.

I know it’s not your fault, and maybe it’s just me. However I do try to make it work, for instance a hot cup of coffee seems to suppress these thoughts, and make me forget about you – for a while. Songs like Eddie Rabbit – I love a rainy night  work even better at times, and I am glad that I am at least making some progress.But soon all the thoughts come flooding back to me:

How can I like all the mud that sticks to me, or how can I like all the diseases that you bring with you? Or have you ever thought about how I feel when you make travelling a nightmare or have you thought about all those snapped electricity cables? The list goes on but I am sure you get the gist.

But just for the past year or two, I have made a conscious effort to consider you once more. For one, I know you are not going to change.


Maybe I don’t mind the petrichor emanating when the dry earth becomes moist or maybe it’s not too bad that you help feed everyone on this planet, or maybe it’s not bad either that you bring smiles upon so many young kids jumping around in puddles. Or maybe the lightnings and thunders are not as scary as I perceived them to be as a kid. Perhaps all the paper sailboats that were afloat courtesy of me and you, ought to cheer me up.

However, if none of these workout, I am sure you make me appreciate the Sun more anyway.

With monsoon approaching soon, I am sure we are going to meet a lot more in the coming months. So I wish I too could sing,

“I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good

Well I love a rainy night
It’s such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain
On my face
To taste the rain on my lips
In the moonlight shadow”

So it’s your turn now rain, listen up, here is tip if you really want this to work out: maybe this time you should bring your friend the Rainbow along with you. I am sure that will help.

Best wishes,

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  1. I enjoyed reading this 🙂 I kind of like the rain, so long as I can get warm and dry after I’ve been out! And I love the smells of the earth and the trees that come with it.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to let me know 🙂
    And thanks for reminding me about the smell of fresh rain, that is surely a huge plus 🙂


  3. I think first time I am reading about someone disliking rain. The Cliché is to write how lovely the rain is, the smell it brings with it etc etc. This one is new! Well next time try riding bike in the rain and try to enjoy. Maybe you will start to like the rain as well. Because as you know its gonna come back every year 😀


  4. Thanks man 🙂
    I know I want to change 🙂
    And I am already seeing the change 🙂
    I will surely as soon as I start riding the bike 😉
    Thanks for taking the time to let me know 🙂

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  5. There’s something about a rainy day after a drought that makes even the city seem fresh and new again, not to mention how lovely is the countryside.


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