Quest for zest

At ** years of age, it may seem a bit prudent of me to be writing about stuff I may be too young to  understand, for when I look at younger people, most of them are immediately discounted off as being ‘too young’.  What then is the right age to wake up to the surroundings and take your stance on it, sans any dents from all the external agents. In the end, it is pretty simple, you are as young as you want to be, or perhaps, you are as old as you want to be.But isn’t age but a number? It sure is, and it has only stuck because it’s really convenient as a standard.

We only live to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.

Kid is 5? great put him in school, she’s 28 and not married? Man, her parents must have sinned.

Society needs a measure, and age is a fantastic fit.

Let’s step back a little, and talk about something we all love- food. Who doesn’t love food, in fact we live to love and embrace it, and it is the driving force, the sole source of energy driving the world. Let me tell you a story. A couple of months ago, I was ill- down with a severe case of the flu. And through the course  of the burning hell, I did not eat, why? elementary, my dear reader, I wasn’t hungry.

We drink water to quench our thirst, and mate to fulfill our animalistic instincts. So for all these, there is a void to be filled, and filling this makes us content. So where then is the void for the treasure we all strive to acquire; happiness? The difference here is that the void is not inherently present. We must create the void and then fill it too.In the entire process, we The void created is zest, and in our quest for zest, happiness befriends us.

This underlines the need for us to be non-complacent with our lives, as it is a trap, a trap set by us, but ironically we end up as the prey. This pragmatic line, should be the mantra we live by, and we must constantly strive to push ourselves, lest a sardonic life should engulf us.

With 2014, drawing to an end, it’s a good time for us to yearn for something new. Maybe, this little fact will get me off my lazy … and help me create and then fill the void.
“2030 is only as far away as 2000”


  1. Animals are hungry too. Why do you mention mating alone as animalistic. Even being hungry is animalistic.


  2. Hi Ramji, first of all thanks for reading through and commenting on such an old post 🙂

    I think you are talking about this line, “We drink water to quench our thirst, and mate to fulfill our animalistic instincts”. If that’s the case, I think the point which I wanted to convey was that, similar to how we eat because we get hungry, and how we drink water because we get thirsty, we mate in part due to our ancestral history. The word ‘animalistic’ here was not used in a derogatory sense.

    And of course, animals get hungry too as do we. What are humans but social animals?


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