Month: April 2015

Man vs Stomach

January, the 15th, 2015…

As I was strolling along the streets near my college, my tongue fell prey to all the aromas and flavours of the street side food. My mouth was watering from the delightful smell of the masalas emanating from the various stalls, and my stomach was crying for proper food, having being tortured for many months, with the barely edible food served in the hostels. It was a great set up for a great fable – one featuring my stomach, and an unlikely antagonist.




The technological revolution

Been quite a while hasn’t it fellas?

How’ve you all been?

Gnomy7 has been busy, you might say, or perhaps he was just wandering away without any sight.

Anyway, I recently wrote for a local magazine, and here it is

Ah, what a relaxing way to be reading the blog… as you read this, you are probably lying down on your cosy bed and reading it on your tablet, or perhaps on your smart phone after yet another tiring day at work. At work too most of us stare perennially at the monitor, and take breaks by playing games on our computer.

Technology, needless to say, has crept into our lives and has taken it by a storm! Think of how many of us can exist without connecting with someone else over the internet, or worse still without any form of electronic media. Such is the proliferation of technology today, that we lose our minds, if we are deprived of any of our ‘basic rights’, at least if you are living in countries such Finland or Estonia, where broadband access is a basic right for its citizens.