I’m a grass eater

So I’ve been addicted to this song for the past three days, and dear lord isn’t it something special.

And btw one of the most interesting items on my bucketlist is to become a goat, here is a song which I wrote expressing my feelings.


I’m a grass eater
Allegro in C major

I like to be what I am not
A big black goat
But hey why not?
My life is mine and it’s a fact.

I like to be what I am not
Perhaps a big white goat
But hey why not?
My life is mine and it’s a fact.

Wake up in the mornin’
And i picture myself strayin’
On the grass

Cos’ I’m a goat, it’s not a lie

Now that I am chillin’
Through the oceans of my dreams
I want to be happy in reality

I’m a grass eater.

A journey through my classical music playlist

Last week, a friend of mine asked me to suggest an artist which he would have never heard before, and I said, try Beethoven. Poor chap thought I was joking, so I laughed it away and acted like I was joking after all.

But he doesn’t know what he is missing out on, but I don’t want all my awesome followers, to miss out on it as well.

images (1)

So, I thought maybe I will pen down a list of my favourite ‘classical’ music compositions.  So here is top 10 favourite classical music list.


The music of growing up.

Change is inevitable, the sooner one realizes that, the sooner he starts to appreciate change.

It has been about two decades since I landed here on earth and growing up is something everyone has to; people relate to a lot of things over the years, and so do I. The things that I thought were eternal? Well… turned out to be otherwise; the only true eternal entity is change, and it can be seen everywhere around us.

Music has been a great part of my life, and I think it helps me understand myself better. However, the term “Music” itself is very broad and does not convey the hidden implications of the journey one goes through when he listens to some good Music.

It all started when I was around 3-4 years, cognition had started to kick in and I started to wonder as to why listening to some particular songs put me to sleep, while others didn’t. I remember vividly asking my granny and mom about the same, and none of them had any answers.
And, thus began a long journey into a realm, which to date, never ceases to amaze me; music!