Random thoughts

I’m a grass eater

So I’ve been addicted to this song for the past three days, and dear lord isn’t it something special.

And btw one of the most interesting items on my bucketlist is to become a goat, here is a song which I wrote expressing my feelings.


I’m a grass eater
Allegro in C major

I like to be what I am not
A big black goat
But hey why not?
My life is mine and it’s a fact.

I like to be what I am not
Perhaps a big white goat
But hey why not?
My life is mine and it’s a fact.

Wake up in the mornin’
And i picture myself strayin’
On the grass

Cos’ I’m a goat, it’s not a lie

Now that I am chillin’
Through the oceans of my dreams
I want to be happy in reality

I’m a grass eater.

What’s up at WhatsApp?

Not even in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself in such a tight and busy schedule, with no time for anything at all. Hopefully this will change real soon.

So meanwhile, I thought I would share something that I already share with many of my friends, by means of my WhatsApp status. I think I would be the one who abuses the space the most, by using it for a wide range of things, including a personal diary, remainder, place for posting random obfuscated thoughts wandering through my mind, new titles for my posts, terrible jokes, pathetic cryptic clues ,and what not.So I thought I would share it here.


Maybe this would be a better audience for all those anecdotes.
I am posting ALL most of my Whatsapp statuses, sorted – oldest first.


An open letter to rain.

Dear Rain,
Just like so many other people in my life, you have no idea about your significance in my life. For you, I am just an other guy, but for me you are more than just that, you are more than just an occasional visitor, more than just, the once best friend who now, calls you only on your birthday.But you are not special because I love you, not  because I hate you either, but instead because I can not decide my stance.


An ode to Wikipedia

It’s really amazing when you think about the advances made by the human race; just in the past few decades and in the past centuries.A very important reason for this advancement is the ability to share information; that is share the information you acquired to your fellow humans so that collective learning takes place. In case of other animals all the information it acquires during a life time is lost when it dies. That is, there is no scheme by which information is passed on through the generations. This is where communication and sharing of information comes into play.

All the information obtained by all the other human beings can effectively be learnt by you in today’s world.


Close to a hundred billion people have lived on the face of this planet, and all the facts and ideas we have was learnt by someone, somewhere, at some point in time.

This is how we differ from other animals; the information acquired by the animal is lost when it dies. So the only way most species can evolve, to become smarter is by trusting their luck to random genetic mutation. If a favourable ‘mistake’ in the gene happens, the species learn to keep the ‘mistake’ and hence, in a way passing on some information to future generations.

All this just goes on to show how important storing and sharing the information you acquire is of prime importance; just gathering information does not suffice.[1]

Now, just imagine for a second that there is a place where, you store all the information relating anything for free access by anyone at any time. Well, you can stop imagining and head over to www.wikipedia.org.

I owe a lot of what I am today to this single place on the internet, Wikipedia.