Quest for zest

At ** years of age, it may seem a bit prudent of me to be writing about stuff I may be too young to  understand, for when I look at younger people, most of them are immediately discounted off as being ‘too young’.  What then is the right age to wake up to the surroundings and take your stance on it, sans any dents from all the external agents. In the end, it is pretty simple, you are as young as you want to be, or perhaps, you are as old as you want to be.But isn’t age but a number? It sure is, and it has only stuck because it’s really convenient as a standard.

We only live to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.


All these chains

Aah chains… all those Gold and blitz and riches adorned by women and men alike…
We might adorn them all right, but I am not quite talking about these chains.Chains rule us in ways most of don’t realize, in fact we are bound by them.

It is indeed a grim but hardened reality that we are bound by the chains of geography, chains of locality and the chains of time, and seemingly there is little we can do about it.